NYFW 2017 / FW17: The Blizzard Ain’t Got Nothin’

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To me and my fashion-lover friends, New York Fashion Week (one of the "Big 4" along with London, Milan and Paris), is no doubt one of the funnest times in the city. Not only at the major venues (Skylight, Chelsea Piers) and private showrooms do we see individuals from New York and all over the world come to Manhattan glamming up for the whole week, but you see this in such places as the subway, bodegas, coffee shops, you-name-its.

You would spot movie stars and models mingling more than usual; bloggers from different parts of the worlds meet in person and become long-live friends and beautify their social media pages with their super stylish "squad goals" photos, etc.

I just love the energy. The hype is real.

And to me as someone who is not glamorous on a daily basis, I am excited to take my special outfits and accessories out of my closet and mix-match them for this special occasion. Some might say this is all superficial and vain -- nope, not to me. I long to see the actual work that designers and artists have been working on for at least four-to-six months to showcase to the public for the first time what will be "in" for the next season's red carpets and everyday-wear according to their fashion bible. To me, witnessing their creativity in person is a fun experience, as I get to see with my own eyes the texture of the fabrics, the vibrant colors of the clothing, the realness of their vision, as it's not just what is seen in prints or online. The runway shows often make me wonder about what/who inspires each designer's unique creative minds, their hard work, and the people who help them make their venue a success.

NYFW 2017-Michael Costello / photo: 5th & Batavia

The Fall/Winter 2017 season took place on February 9-16, showcasing trends for autumn and winter of the same year. The opening day happened to be on one of the first blizzard-y days in the city. I woke up in the morning looking out the window, and nobody was outside. The snow was getting harder by mid afternoon. Then I went online and felt encouraged again knowing that the weather did not hinder people from going to the first day of the Fashion Week. @NYFW had been posting pictures and videos of fashionistas braving the snow outside of Skylight, as well as live feeding venues from Nicholas K and Tadashi Shoji the day of the snow storm. It was uplifting, and of course it made me more excited about going to the Michael Costello show in the evening, which thankfully took place after the snow had stopped. And boy was I glad I did not skip the runway presentation -- it was more than spectacular. You can see my review on Michael Costello's show here and the event's pictures and videos here.

NYFW 2017-Anniesa Hasibuan’s DRAMA / photo: 5th & Batavia

This season featured around 70 designers and brands that were part of New York Fashion Week: The Shows. I am lucky and I count my blessings every day that, aside for writing about fashion and travel, I have friends who are in the fashion and entertainment industries — one who is actually the Woman in Charge of the Anniesa Hasibuan shows for these past two seasons. This Fall/Winter 2017 season I attended  two runaway presentations that were part of NYFW: The Shows, both which I had on my list to go to, including Anniesa Hasibuan who is from Indonesia!!

As well, although it was not part of The Shows, I scored to go to one of Oxford Fashion Studio prestigious shows at the elegant Studio 450 that featured major international designers’ works.

Here are the links of the events that I attended from the Fall/Winter 2017 season:




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