NYFW 2017 / FW17: Int’l Designers Bring Down the House at Oxford Fashion Studio

Oxford Fashion Studio has done it again! The major fashion house selected gifted and brilliant designers from all over the world who are well known in their respective countries to participate in New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter '17.

I was a guest at the February 11th 9P.M. show, where the following designers were featured:

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This trendy fashion show was so much fun, and the guests were fashion lovers from all continents and all over the US.

A couple of groups in particular grabbed my attention, not only because of their chic-ness, but also how much positivity and happy vibes they brought to the event.

Jessica Williams, founder of Irregular Exposure Fashion Academy, were with her Atlanta and Cleveland clients (or as I call them: the "Hawt Squads"); they were in New York for the Fashion Week, from visiting Fashion Institute of Technology, to attending a VIP Fashionista Panel Dinner, all done with styles. The ladies were amazingly kind and beautiful, and I know that they will go far in their fashion career.

The Houston, TX crew. What can I say, other than just a beautiful and super chic bunch. They were fashionsitas, AND philanthropists who have given so much to the community. From the moment I sat across from them during the runway show, to the time we were taking pictures together, I could not take my eyes off of them. Staci HendersonTheresa RoemerMichael Pearce and their friends brought the Southern charm with beauty and grace to NYFW's Oxford!

And of course designer John Kaveke from Kenya, whose work was featured in the evening's presentation. Just a classy, classy guy, with so much talent. Check out my article on John Kaveke and his "Raw Attitude" collections.


Click/swipe below to view slides of some of the after-the-show photos.

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