NYFW 2017 / FW17: Anniesa Hasibuan “Drama” – Indonesian Pride

NYFW Anniesa Hasibuan Drama - Irene Simbolon - 5th & Batavia

Each time I leave a fashion show, I always ask myself how I would describe the presentation in three words. Most of the time I have adjectives in mind, be it good, or just meh. After Anniesa Hasibuan's DRAMA runway show wrapped up, the only three words I could come up with is that I am proud (note the present-tense). This proud feeling has a few layers to it:

  • Anniesa represents the Republic of Indonesia, where we both are from;
  • Anniesa's beautiful DRAMA collection for Fall/Winter 2017 was still true to her vision as a proud and strong Muslim woman. This was her second time at the New York Fashion Week: The Shows -- in September 2016, she became the first Indonesian designer to have been at this major venue, and the first designer ever to have showcased hijab fashion at NYFW;
  • The models who walked on her runway this season came from different backgrounds and ethnicity -- mostly first and second-generation immigrants residing in the US -- proving that diversity is powerful and beautiful.
NYFW 2017-Anniesa Hasibuan / photo: 5th & Batavia
NYFW 2017-Anniesa Hasibuan / photo: 5th & Batavia

A few pieces of the DRAMA collection from the February 14th show at Skylight Clarkson Square consists of dramatic ensembles of outerwear in various hues such as gold, white, peach, and silver, as well as extravagant evening gowns from satin to sequins to ruffles. All of the models were wearing a light-grey hijab; you would think black would be the universal color that would go with all of the outfits, but the color and material of the hijab worn truly complemented each and every piece.

One outfit that stood up for me the most was a long batik skirt paired with a light brown long-sleeves shirt and a leather brown belt. When the model walked out on this outfit, I got goosebumps. Batik is such a national treasure of Indonesia that it gave me pride and joy to have seen an Indonesian designer still incorporated it with her collections even on a major international catwalk. Though it comes in different colors and prints, batik is mostly known for its brown-goldish color; the model wore various hues of browns, but for some reason the outfit just worked without making it too matchy-matchy, and it looked very royally. I could see the batik skirt worn on a casual day, or a night out in town with girlfriends, depending upon what you pair it with or how you accessorize.

NYFW 2017-Anniesa Hasibuan / photo: 5th & Batavia

With all that being said, was the presentation as dramatic as the theme itself? Yes, it was! And more. Some pieces were paired with jeweled gloves and flashy-yet-classy accessories from Anniesa's own collection, making the DRAMA signature more dramatic in a modest way, yet trendy. In this world, who doesn't want drama?...

Visit Anniesa's pages:

If you're in New York, you can get Ms. Hasibuan's collection (and other Indonesian designers') at Indonesian Fashion Gallery, located on 108 East 31st street.

NYFW 2017-Anniesa Hasibuan / photo: 5th & Batavia
For more pictures and video that we took from this runway show, visit NYFW F/W 2017 – The Shows | Anniesa Hasibuan | Feb. 2017


A big thank you to my dearest friend Teti Rompis, CEO and founder of Indonesian Creative Hub and Indonesian Fashion Gallery for giving me the opportunity to cover this very special event, and from the front row! I cannot wait to write more about our Indonesian designers and spread the love with the world. xox

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