The (Indo) Devil Wears Prada

To me, looking chic/sophisticated/effortless does not need to be filthy pricey. You can pull off the trendiest attire mixed from the good ol' H&M and no-brand brands.

Once in a blue moon (actually more than I should), though, I enjoy treating myself with... Prada (and Gucci -- future blog(s)). Feeling guilty, but not guilty. Specifically the vintage handbags and wallets. There is something about these elegant Italian beauties that make me feel giddy but alive. Even the details of the zipper and logo drive me to cloud nine. I used to be crazy about the Saffiano tote, but after discovering more affordable Prada bags (eBay and Amazon, I thank thee), I am opting out the Saffiano, for now...

Below are a few of my Prada babies that I have contently hoarded for over the course of this year alone. Just like diamonds, they are delicate and fragile, and therefore, need an extra attention of care. One of these days, I will trade them with another vintage or two...

Or, once I have had enough readers, I will hold  a contest and award the winner with one of my Prada collections. Stay tuned!

Prada Tote - 5thandbatavia
Vintage Prada - 5thandbatavia
Prada Backpack - 5thandbatavia
Labskin Prada - 5thand batavia
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