Indah Kalalo: “Je Suis Flirt”

Indah Kalalo. This gorgeous fashionista is the co-founder and creative director of Je Suis Flirt. I first met Mbak Indah at a September 2016 NYFW event at Indonesia Fashion Gallery in Manhattan. At the same event, I also had the privilege to meet with Indonesian diplomats,

 NYC and Indo it-gals-and-guys, Ms. New York 2016, fashion photographers, etc. etc. I have to be honest -- and I mean this in the most respectful manner -- that in the beginning I had no sense of who Indah was. She was more than stunning and so, so elegant; people crowded around her, and with that alone I concluded that she was one of those VVVIP guests on the list ^^ If there had been such a thing.

Mbak Indah and I met when we were both in line to get some vinos. I don't recall how our conversation started - it led to her introducing herself as one of the few designers whose collections are selected to be sold at the Indonesia Fashion Gallery boutique. Very articulate and soft spoken. Very down-to-earth and kind. She said she first started in the industry as a fashion model (how THAT was not my first guess was beyond me... A few days later I learned from my family that she is a public figure in Indonesia, and they said I should have been ashamed for not knowing this :/ ). After three children(!) Mbak Indah decided to dedicate her time as a full-time mother, as well as pursuing her passion: fashion designing.

Indah was telling me more about her clothing line and her business partner, the fabulous Mbak Fabiola Aisha; she walked me towards some of the clothes that were on display - they were sexy but not over the top, and elegant at the same time. One of the guests I met at the event, Joanne, and I decided to try on a beautiful wrap dress (the material is, no joke, one of the most comfortable jerseys I've ever worn). After no consideration at all, I purchased my first Je Suis Flirt dress.

We were invited to Je Suis Flirt High Tea Soiree at the IFG boutique the next Friday, one day after S/S 2017 NYFW ended. I had the honor to spend a little time with her and Mbak Fabiola, as well as trying on more of their collections. At the end, I just had to purchase a sophisticated light brown sweater and a thin leather belt, because they were just too good to pass on for the fall/winter seasons.

Beautiful ladies inside and out that they are, I know that I will always be the biggest advocate and supporter of their lines in NYC, even after they're back in Bali.

Fashion verdict: Recommended!

How to get Je Suis Flirt dresses and jewelry:


Jakarta Store:

  • Galleries Lafayette / Pacific Place Mall (ground floor)
    SCBD, Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53
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