Fashion Whisperer // October 2017

Jorge Rodriguez

Fashion Designer & Creative Director, Eterna Vita

Rumor has it you are a fashion designer! Tell us about your line, your target market, your goals!

Yes! At the age of 18, I started my journey as a fashion designer. My brand, Eterna Vita, has been around for almost 5 years now! The logo of the brand are made of two components which is the ankh cross and a pair of wings alongside it. The ankh is a symbol of Eternal Life and with the wings added we have created a concept for supporters that they are representing something Eternal. My target market started off as young adults, but after years of business we have been able to target people of all ages. Eterna Vita has been worn by toddlers to children, to grandmothers, and back to young adults and celebrities that have shown support to the brand. A couple of the brand’s mission/goals is to give back while producing constant ready to wear garments and expanding to fulfill individuals with unique fashion trends.

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Fashion Designer Jorge Rodriguez at the Philipp Plein NYFW Mega Show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, NY / photo: Jorge Rodriguez

What would you say is the fashion show that has affected you most?

Since the age of 20, I’ve been attending New York Fashion Week. Since then I have been able to experience many shows such as Jeremy Scott, HBA, Yeezy, Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Namilia, etc. The list keeps on going. The fashion shows that have affected me and inspired me the most have been YEEZY SZN 5 & Philipp Plein. The Kanye West Season 5 Fashion Show introduced me to a higher level of fashion and at the same time introducing me to so many influential individuals that till this day I have communication with. Philipp Plein’s recent fashion show in NYC was simply epic. The show was a mega pop up in the middle of Manhattan with the biggest names in fashion, music, and art. He created an atmosphere that brought together many important figures; therefore the show created an amazing networking opportunity for everyone that attended..(Recap Video of my experience at Philipp Plein Coming Soon)

What would you say is the biggest misconception about fashion week? And the strongest truth?

Fashion week is one of the best times to network in New York City regardless of what industry you are in. It’s a time where music, fashion, art, sports, and many other industries come together to celebrate fashion. There are many misconceptions when it comes to fashion week because of the exclusivity it is to attend shows, but by knowing the right people and getting into the right events, it can lead any individual to their next level of success. The strongest truth about fashion week is everyone is working. Most of the people at the shows are working, supporting, or networking. There’s no time to waste. The realization how small the industry is comes when you start going to shows and you keep bumping into the same individuals.

Jorge Rodriguez-Eterna Vita-Irene Simbolon-Blog-5th and batavia-Fashion-3
Fashion Designer Jorge Rodriguez with businesswoman, socialite, TV personality, model & DJ, Paris Hilton backstage at The Blonds New York Fashion Week Show // photo: Jose Rodriguez

Current Location:  Long Island, NY

Your favorite Halloween costume: the Purge costumes

Favorite designers: Virgil Abloh, Philipp Plein, Ralph Lauren, Ronnie Fieg, Kanye West, Thom Browne

Single/Taken/No Comment? In relationship with Myself.. Personal love and growth is important in this industry

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