Fashion Whisperer // November 2017

Rocco Rada


In addition to playing the guitar and taking photographs, one of your hobbies is making stuff from leathers! Tell us what they are, and how long does it usually take to create a finish product?

Yes! Over the past few years, I've learned to create all different types of products from leather. However, the most popular items I make are slim wallets. I've learned how to build multiple styles, all with different functions in mind. For example, I've designed a card and cash wallet, a slim card wallet, a double-sided slim card wallet, etc. It usually takes about 1-3 hours to build a single wallet from scratch, which I don't think is too bad considering it's 100% crafted, and stitched by hand!


How do you personally feel about clothes shopping?

Personally, I'm an in-and-out shopper. I usually know exactly what I'm looking for, for easy shopping. If possible, I'll also check online for the specific items I'm looking for before heading out to a location. Sometimes I'll even purchase clothes directly online for in-store pickup, or delivery. However, shoes and pants must be tried on and fitted in person!

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Photo: Rocco Rada

In your opinion, does the media (or the fashion industry) play some role in creating or continuing stereotypes?

I believe the media and the fashion industry both play a significant role in creating and continuing stereotypes. However, the media has a bigger impact. The fashion industry may initially spark a certain look or potential trend, but it's up to the media to endorse or not endorse it.


As a photographer, why do you think these days many people, women and men, refer themselves as "models" on social media?

I think many people on social media refer to themselves as "models", simply because they can! I believe the word "model" can be used in the same way the word "artist" is used. There's no right or wrong way to be an artist, as there is no right or wrong way to be a model. Of course, this isn't true in a career-related, professional sense, however, If someone simply uses the term to describe themselves wearing an outfit in a photo, technically they are not wrong!

Some of Rocco's leather creations // photo: Rocco Rada


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Current location: Hoboken, NJ / New York, NY 

Dream Job: Designing for film

Coffee or Tea: Coffee!

Favorite winter activities: Snowboarding, photography, leather crafting, reading, adventuring

Instagram: @roccorada
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